Installation related questions


How do I install my iComfort sauna?

The installation of an iComfort sauna was designed to be quick and easy with minimal tools required. Our step by step, illustrated Installation Manual can be printed right from our site: Of course, you always have the option of hiring someone to install your sauna for you.


What is your most popular size sauna?

It really depends on you. The one person is great if you have space limitations. The 2 person gives you enough room to move around and change positions without getting too cramped and is big enough for 2 people as well.  The 3 person or corner unit gives you more room to stretch out and is more suitable if 2 people will be using it most of the time. It is best not to lay down in an infrared sauna because the way the heaters are positioned you will get the most benefits by sitting upright.  

What is the size and weight of saunas?

Our saunas come in either 2 or 3 boxes and vary accordingly in size and weight. Please refer to our specification section and look for the model you are looking for.


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