Electrical related questions


Do I need special electrical wiring to connect my iComfort sauna?


Most iComfort Saunas are designed to plug into a standard household wall outlet rated at 120 Volt/15 amps. Some of our 3 and 4 person saunas require a dedicated 120 Volt/20 amp outlet. We recommend that you hire a licensed electrician to install a dedicated wall outlet with our 120V/20 Amp models.



What electrical safety certifications do iComfort saunas carry?


We carry cETL, CE approved electrical safety certifications on all of our saunas.



What is the cost of running an infrared sauna at home?


Most electrical Utility rates in Canada are between .05$ to .14$ per 1000 Watts, per hour. Therefore, it will cost you only from $0.07 to $0.21 per session for a 1, 2 or 3 person sauna for 45 minutes including warm-up time.


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