Care and maintenance related questions


How do I clean my iComfort sauna?

Clean your sauna often to keep it fresh and well maintained.

Sweep or vacuum your sauna periodically to remove dirt, hair, etc.

Wipe down the walls where people have touched them, i.e. above benches, around doors and controls as needed.

Use a humid and clean cloth or sponge to clean sweat spots. It is important to note that the more you use water to clean your iComfort sauna the more your sauna will change colour. Using water might contribute your sauna to develop small cracks. Using a towel to dry off any excess humidity will help to prevent this.


Are detergents recommended to clean my iComfort sauna?

Avoid heavy detergents as they can discolour your iComfot sauna or leave a residue, which could emit irritating or harmful fumes.


Should I hose down the interior or exterior of my infrared sauna?

Never hose down the interior or exterior of an infrared sauna.


Is it possible to apply paint, stain or other chemical finishes or sealants to the interior of my iComfort sauna?

Never apply paint, stain or other chemical finishes or sealants to the interior of your sauna. The heat from your infrared sauna may cause the surface to become too hot to the touch and/or cause toxic fumes to be released.


Will my iComfort sauna change colour over time?

Yes, however the mild colour change will be dependent on where and how frequently you use your sauna.  For this, make sure your sauna does not face direct sun light and is in a well ventilated area with little temperature variations. This will insure your iComfort sauna’s wood colour to change very little over time and also help to prevent it from developing small cracks.


Can I put my iComfort sauna outside?

iComfort saunas are certified for indoor use only.



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