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Do your massage chairs have leather?

It is best to purchase a chair with high-quality stretchable synthetic leather. This makes the chair more durable and easier to clean. We use high quality rollers for many of our chairs. These rollers push, spread and pulls on the chair tissue. Top quality synthetic leather, when spread comes back to its original form. Over the years, even very good quality leather will tend to crack.


What are the dimensions of your massage chairs?

Please refer to our products section and find the massage chair you want.


Do your massage chairs have removable back cushions?

Most iComfort massage chairs have this feature. Adding cushions to a massage chair allows you to soften a massage without giving up the option of a very strong massage (by using thinner pads). For chairs with mechanical rollers, this is an important feature.


Where should I put my iComfort massage chair?

Massage chairs use a respectable amount of room, which is why they are most often in the bedroom or in the home office. Discuss it with others who share the same space with you to be sure it also works for them.

If you'd like a massage chair that reclines, you won't be able to position the back of the massage chair close to a wall. Measure the space you have in mind before selecting a chair. A massage chair salesperson should be able to tell you how much room you need for the massage chair to recline all the way, and whether the particular model you're interested in will work in your space.

Most iComfort massage chairs have wheels, so it can be moved from room to room or out of sight. This makes them ideal for people who don't mind a massage chair in their living room, but want to be able to move it out of the way when company comes.


What size people do you recommend for an iComfort massage chair?

iComfort massage chairs are designed for different peoples sizes. It is important to give the massage chair a test drive before you buy. For instance, if you are 5'-3" and want a model with rollers choose one with the auto-scan feature. This will adjust the rollers travel to your height by sensing where the top of your shoulders and your lower back are. Some iComfort massage chairs can accommodate people over 6’5’’ with the extendable leg rest feature. Regarding people weight, some of our models are designed for people over 300 pounds.

Each person who will be using the massage chair should check that the height of the seat of the massage chair is comfortable. Some massage chair seats are quite low to the ground, which may be uncomfortable for people 6'-0" and over, or people with knee, hip, or low back pain.


How much do your massage chairs cost?

iComfort massage chairs range from about $500 to $6,000. But don't just rely on price to gauge quality, and don't feel that you have to buy at the top of the price range to get a quality massage chair. Not everyone needs all the features of the higher-priced models. It's a matter of finding the right massage chair for you at the right price and iComfort offers one of the broadest lines of massage chairs.


Is there a lot of assembly on massage chairs?

Massage chairs usually require very little assembly. Some chairs are shipped in two pieces so that the boxes are more manageable. Assembly is generally a five to twenty minute process that usually won't even require special tools.


Are massage chairs easy to move?

Most iComfort massage chairs are equipped with wheels that make them easy to move from room to room.


How long can I run my chair continuously?

We recommend that iComfort massage chairs be given a rest after about an hour to avoid overheating although very rare and unusual.


What is the massage stroke length?

Stroke length describes the distance covered by the massage roller mechanisms of the chair. The longer the stroke length, the higher the massage rollers will reach on the back and neck area.



Can I use my iComfort massage chair as a regular sofa recliner?

It really depends on the model. The most important thing to remember about a massage chair is that it is a tool designed to do a specific job. Because massage chairs are designed primarily to give a massage, many high end iComfort massage chairs have many moving parts and they tend to have very thin upholstery by necessity.  With thicker upholstery you wouldn't be able to feel the massage as much. Some iComfort massage chairs, however, are better than others when it comes to comfort. Some of them, when the massage hands are not in use, store them in the neck region behind a generous pillow. Others even have a removable pillow. This is why some high end iComfort massage chair are not only great massagers but also remarkably comfortable.


Can I rely on my iComfort massage chair to work properly for years to come?

We use only the finest materials and the highest-quality internal mechanics in the construction of our massage chairs. If anything goes wrong, we have one of the best warranty and support service for you.


Will I have any trouble setting up or moving my chair?

iComfort’s customer service support center is able to provide detailed assistance to any customer having difficulty setting up or disassembling their iComfort massage chair. Some models even have rear wheels, which make it easy to move your chair around your home.


I have pets and children. Is it safe to get a massage chair?

iComfort’s team has gone to great lengths to make sure all our chairs are safe for use in any household environment. However, as with any household appliance, massage chairs should be used in accordance with safe operating instructions.


A massage chair wouldn’t fit my home décor.

Each iComfort is designed to fit into todays traditional and contemporary living spaces just as any other chair or piece of furniture would. As such, iComfort chairs can be incorporated into living spaces as a permanent part of a room’s décor rather than as an extra luxury item.

iComfort offers the broadest line of massage chairs available, each with its own distinct design and style, so there is a chair suited for every style and living space. Surely, there is one for you.


Are iComfort massage chairs better for men or women?

iComfort chairs are made for everyone. Because iComfort massage chairs are designed to fit a range of body types, they are perfectly suited to meet the needs of both male and female users.

iComfort offers one of the broadest line of massage chairs available, each with its own distinct design and style, so there is surely a chair suited for every type of person, style and living space.


How much space does an iComfort massage chair need?

Space requirements are minimal. An area of about 3' x 6' is needed to have enough room to recline your massage chair comfortably.


How much does the chair weigh?

The weight of an iComfort massage chair depends on the model and varies greatly. We suggest you go to our product section to find out what each model weighs. Most are between 50-250 pounds.


Can I control the intensity of the massage?

Yes. All iComfort massage chairs feature multiple intensity levels. You can easily choose the massage intensity at the push of a button. You can also remove or add padding on most of our massage chairs.


How hard is the assembly of the chair?

The assembly of an iComfort massage chair is quite easy. Complete setup instructions are included with the chair and are also available on line, no major tools are required. Due to the weight of some the chairs, it is sometimes recommended that 2 able-bodied persons be available. For help, you can also call our customer service representative at 1-866-967-7333.


Do iComfort massage chairs have pre-programmed or manual massages?

iComfort massage chairs let you to choose between pre-programmed massages and manual massages, depending on your needs.

Pre-programmed Massages:

Most of our massage chairs come with 1 to 4 pre-programmed massage modes. Some will focus on the upper back, lower back, or the entire back. Some of the massage chairs even combine the kneading, tapping and rolling massage types. Each pre-programmed massage lasts from 5 to 45 minutes.

Manual Massages:

Most of our massage chairs offer a manual massage mode to tailor to your body's needs. Some can massage just one area of your back. With some others, you can move the rollers up and down, select rolling, kneading or rolling/tapping massages over specific areas of your back, or adjust the width of the massage heads to hit various points of tension around your spine.


Do iComfort adjust the massage treatment to my specific physique?

Many iComfort massage chair use advanced technology to scan and memorize the user's physique in order to adjust the rollers' width, travel length and massage features.


Will the iComfort massage chair still provide enjoyment after its novelty has decreased?  

Once you have experienced the soothing effects of a whole body massage, you will not want to miss your massage anymore! You will find it hard to do without the deep and healthy relaxation effects of the massage an iComfort massage chair provides.



Are iComfort massage chairs designed to be located indoors or outdoors?

Our massage chairs are designed and certified for indoor use only. 


Precautions for cleaning my iComfort massage chair

Avoid using heavy detergents as they can discolour the chair fabrics.

Use a humid soft cloth on the tissue area only for tougher stains.


Removable back cushions.

Adding or removing padding cushions to a massage chair allows you to tailor a massage to your specific body needs. For chairs with mechanical rollers, this is an important feature.


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