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What is the difference between an iComfort massage chair and other massage chairs?

Many iComfort massage chair use state-of-the-art scan technology to detect pressure points and tailor the massage to fit your body and needs. Our massage technology mimics massage therapists with random variations of pressure and motion to stimulate specific pressure points through kneading, tapping and pressing. Some iComfort massage chairs even feature a synchronized music program integrating music with massage to achieve a higher level of mental and physical relaxation. To sum up, our lineup is one the marketplaces largest. Surely, you will find the perfect model and features to suit you.


Can I adjust the intensity of the massage?

Yes. There are four ways to adjust the intensity of a massage:

1) The automatic mode: Some of our models have many automatic massage modes which vary the intensity of the massage.

2) The manual mode: You can manually adjust the massage intensity

3) You can vary the massage intensity by reclining the massage chair. The more it is reclined, the more intense it will be. This is because your weight is more horizontally concentrated on the massage chair rollers.

4) You can also remove some padding on the back rest cushion.


What is massage chair Body Scanning?

Body scanning technology allows the massage chair to actually customize its program for each individual. The chair is equipped with software that allows the roller arms to sense where the neck begins and the lower back ends. The chair then automatically adjusts to accommodate different body types.


Is there any iComfort massage chair that offers a heat feature?

Yes! We have several massage chair models with heating elements.


Can I lie down in the iComfort massage chair?

The reclining angles of our massage chairs vary between 115° -175° (180 degrees means a completely flat surface). Therefore, when fully descending the chairs' backrest - the user will be laying back on an almost flat surface. If reclining to an almost horizontal position is important to you, we recommend checking on our product specification sheets to decide which model suits you best.


What is the length of the massage stroke?

The massage stroke is the distance on your back that the massage mechanism will cover. The longer the stroke, the more of your back will be massaged. Some of our chairs have massage strokes of 29 inches or more, which is plenty long for almost everybody. Some chairs have strokes as short as 20 inches, which is fine if you're looking for a lower back massage and not a full treatment. Having a long massage stroke also means the massage chair is able to cover the neck area more effectively.


What is the strength of the massage?

Generally, the stronger massage strength your chair has, the better, as long as you are able to add padding to soften the contact. Once your body adjusts to a stronger massage, you will enjoy being able to take off the pads and allow the massage to really work deeply. Of course, you can also adjust the massage strength manually on many of our models.


What is the number of massage rollers?

The rollers provide the massage on your back, as they move up and down. Four rollers would be customary for better chairs, although some lower-end chairs offer as few as two. Some iComfort massage chairs offer up to six rollers. The best thing to do is to try them to find out what’s best for you.


What is the number of motors?

Generally, a motor will be assigned to each function in a massage chair. That allows each function to be fully-powered. The strength of a massage is dependent on the number and power of the motors, so generally, it is better to have more motors.

What are the timer settings?

Most iComfort massage chairs offer a timer and allow massages in various time increments. All of them will stop after a programmed amount of time.


What does rolling, kneading and tapping do?

Rolling is the massage chair function in which the rollers roll up and down your back and massage the muscles most likely to need relaxation.

Kneading is the function that accomplishes most closely what a massage therapist would do, and that is to knead the muscles much like a baker would knead a loaf of bread. It relaxes the muscles more thoroughly than a more simple rolling massage.

Tapping also allows for more thorough relaxation. The chair accomplishes this by tapping on different portions of your back with the rollers, the way a massage therapist would. You're in for a treat when you find out how nice this function feels!

Some of our massage chairs also have kneading and tapping at the same time. This is a very nice feature to help your massage to be even more effective.


What is the roller width adjustment?

Because people are not all the same size, you want to be able to adjust the width of the rollers. Some of our models provide for three width adjustment. Some models even measure the spinal cord and with this determine the massage roller width.  Of course, this can be done manually at any time on many models.


Do your massage chairs have heat?

Delivering heat to your back during a massage can help relax your muscles. Some of our models have heat for the back and/or the seat area and/or the legs. Some others offer a hand held infrared heater to put the heat where it is really needed.


Do your massage chairs have air massage for the seat area?

Air bag massage (pressure therapy) functions by delivering air to small air bags on certain areas of the chair. The inflated airbags compress the muscles of the seat area much like a Swedish massage. This type of massage can be very relaxing, and is available on some of our models. Some of our chairs can even deliver the air bag massage at the same time as rolling, kneading and tapping.


Do your massage chairs have vibration in the seat and back area?

Vibration provides relaxing movement on a small scale to the entire body and it adds great value to a massage chair. Many of our models offer this feature.


Do your massage chairs have automated programs?

Most of our massage chairs offer pre-programmed routines for massage. For example, a chair might deliver kneading, tapping, and rolling for ten minutes and then vibration for five. Following that, you might have leg massage for five minutes. We encourage you to explore the automated programs on iComfort massage chairs and determine what you like best!


Do your massage chairs have leg and foot massage?

Many of our models do. Leg and foot massage can be delivered either by air bag, vibration and rollers. Air bags can be very relaxing and tend to give a fuller massage for all types of legs and feet. Rollers are ideal to massage under the feet. Check on our model specification section and look for these features.


Do your massage chairs have the vibration feature for the footrest?

Many of our models do. Vibration massage can be very relaxing.


Do your massage chairs have extendable articulated footrest?

Some of our models do. With an iComfort massage chair with extendable articulated footrest, you really are in heaven. With this feature, the footrest can be raised, articulated and extended to allow for added comfort and support. It can also be lengthened or shortened to adjust for various leg lengths. This feature is in our view necessary for people over 5’10’’. Some companies offer models with extendable footrests only. This means tall people will not be able to incline completely the foot rest and enjoy the full benefits of a zero gravity massage.


Do your massage chairs have single-touch recline and return?

With this feature, your massage chair can return to its original position. Some chairs require you to continue pressing on a button until you reach the fully-reclined (or fully-upright) position. Some iComfort massage chairs have this feature.


Do iComfort massage chairs have electric recline?

Many of our models do. With this feature you do not need handles to mechanically adjust the incline of the massage chair. The touch of a button is all that is required.


What material is the chair covered with?

Most iComfort massage chairs are covered with a tough, resilient and long lasting faux leather finish. It is virtually maintenance free and will withstand the rigors of a frequently used massage chair much better than leather. Many of our top of the line massage chairs are equipped with a four roller massage system that provides a very deep shiatsu style massage. Normal leather cannot withstand the prolonged use of the rollers and will eventually crack. Synthetic leather has elasticity that will allow it to stretch with the deep massage motion of the rollers and return to its original shape. Our covering has been proven to be very durable, allowing it to maintain its look longer than normal leather and is virtually maintenance free. This material does not need to be conditioned, treated or moisturized and can be cleaned easily.


Do your massage chairs have leather?

Some of our models do. If you plan to use a massage chair with rollers on a regular basis it is best to purchase a chair with high-quality stretchable synthetic leather. This makes the chair more durable and easier to clean. 


Do your massage chairs have removable back cushions?

Yes they do. Adding or removing cushions to a massage chair allows you to choose the comfort you desire. For chairs with mechanical rollers, this is an important feature.


Does the number of motors make a difference?

Yes. The more motors a chair has, the less stress will be placed on each motor. This helps to extend the life of the machine, by spreading the workload out over several different motors.


What is body scanning?

Some of our massage chairs use a body scanning technology which allows the massage chair to adjust the massage rollers to the person’s size. These massage chair allow the roller arms to sense where the lower back starts  and the neck ends. The chair then automatically adjusts to accommodate different body types.


Why are iComfort massage chairs better than the rest?

iComfort is synonymous with quality, reliability and style. We are known for our integration of advanced technology that exceeds the expectations of even the most discriminating consumers. Most of our chairs adjust to users’ specific body types, sensitivities and needs to deliver comfort and relief to the areas of the body that need it most.


I see many synonyms for massage chairs like massage recliners, sofa massagers, etc. Is there a difference?

We get asked about massage chairs by many different names. There are many synonyms for massage chairs out in the marketplace today. Some common synonyms are: massage recliners, massage chairs, therapeutic chairs, robotic massage chairs, electric massage chairs, etc. These are just various names of the same product category. Just like any product, it may be known by other names. It's not important if a massage chair is called a massage recliner or robotic massage chair. The real issue is: what are the important massage features and how good it is for you.


Is a massage chair worth owning?

Owning the right massage chair can bring many healthy benefits to you. Our massage chairs are designed and created to simulate both the touch and pressure of a massage therapist and to achieve the health benefits of massage therapy.


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