Safety related questions



Are iComfort massage chairs designed to be located indoors or outdoors?

iComfort massage chairs are certified for indoor use only. High humidity or rain could damage the massage chair irreparably and void its warranty.


What electrical safety certifications do iComfort massage chairs carry?

We carry cETL, CE approved electrical safety certifications on all of our massage chairs.

cETL certification is one of the most difficult electrical certification to get and iComfort has it for all its models.


Are massage chairs safe?

Yes, iComfort’s team has gone to great lengths to make sure all our chairs are safe for use in any household environment. However, as with any household appliance, massage chairs should be used in accordance with safe operating instructions.


Do I need special electrical wiring?

iComfort massage chairs are designed to plug into a standard household outlet rated at 120 Volt/15 amps.


Counter indications for use of massage chair

Always check with your doctor if you have any medical or physical problems before using a massage chair.

Important note: people with health related issues or problems should always follow their doctors’ advice on using massage chairs.

Safety tips

• Massage chairs are not recommended for children.

• Please avoid use if the chair is damaged and call iComfort customer service at 1-866-967-7333

• Make sure the chair radiator in the lower back behind the chair is well ventilated and not obstructed.

• Please make sure small objects are not dropped into the chair mechanism.

• Do not use wet hands to pull the AC cord.

• Do not spill liquids onto this product to avoid electric shock or cause damage to this product.

• Maintain your chair and avoid damaging the wires.

• Do not use a wet or humid cloth to clean the chair electric parts.

• In the event of a power failure disconnect the chair.





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