Installation related questions


Is the installation of an iComfort massage chair simple?

The installation of an iComfort massage chair was designed to be quick and easy with minimal tools required. Our step by step, illustrated Installation Manual can be printed right from our site: Of course, you always have the option of hiring someone to install your massage chair for you.

What is the size and weight of massage chairs?
Our massage chairs size and weight varies from on model to another. Please refer to our specification section and look for the model you are looking for.


Will my new massage chair fit through my front door?

Most chairs are shipped with the arms of the chair in a separate box or separate from the chair. Because the arms are shipped separately, most boxes are narrow enough to fit through a standard door frame. If you still have trouble or have a narrow door, we suggest removing the chair from the box first which will give you additional clearance.


Is there a lot of assembly on massage chairs?

iComfort massage chairs require very little assembly. Assembly is mostly a five to fifteen minute process that usually won't even require complicated tools.


Are massage chairs easy to move?

Most iComfort massage chairs are equipped with wheels that make it easy to move chairs from room to room.





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