Benefits of a sauna

When thinking about purchasing an iComfort sauna, know that you will be considering an investment in your health. Whether for a feeling of well-being, to purify one’s body or for therapeutic reasons, saunas have had faithful followers throughout the centuries and for many cultures world-wide.

By heating one’s body, a light sudation is produced releasing toxins from the body. Once released of toxins, the body continues to gain benefits from this process in the forms of purified skin, restored skin elasticity, better blood circulation and a strengthened immune system. As well, muscular pains, rheumatism, cold symptoms, and flu-like symptoms are significantly reduced. A feeling of well-being is achieved with a reduction in stress and tension, an increased metabolism and improved sleep patterns.



Our saunas are designed to be assembled by two people in 7 easy steps. Our panels fit precisely (we only use high quality tongue in groove construction); no tools are required in their assembly. You have the choice of Hemlock Fir or Canadian Red Cedar. Power source works with 110 V AC, although a dedicated AC wall outlet is required. No plumbing needed.


Safety, comfort and effectiveness are combined thanks to the best heating technology – the infrared carbon films precise and even distribution of heat. Equipped with an easy to use control panel and built-in stereo speakers with CD/AM-FM player, every iComfort sauna lets you adjust the temperature and timer from inside the sauna as you are listening to your favorite music.


Our production techniques will assure you of the best built sauna on the market today. We offer you a 1 year warranty on the heaters, electrical elements, and wood panels and on the CD/AM-FM player. Our modular design construction makes it easy to replace damaged parts with 10 minutes. Our saunas are ETL, ISO and CE approved.

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